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I'm Nev

Women's Health and Nutrition Practitioner

If you are on your healing journey and looking for guidance,  my goal is to support you to get your health back.

I'm on a mission to help women like you realize that you can reach your health goals...

... and live a life of freedom on your own terms. I'm here to help you turn your health around,  and guide you towards healthy, vibrant you.

Ready to take the next step?

Work with Nev

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Learn how to strategically navigate your health journey in 12 weeks.

Gain confidence and find clarity in your healing journey with Nev's extensive support and dedicated guidance in this immersive one-on-one healing experience. 

HMM is all about you, meaning you’ll always know exactly what to do, what’s working and the steps you need to take - offering you the what, how and why to reach your health goals quicker.

Healing has different stages, and because I know it times it can be overwhelming to do it alone, I'm here to support and guide you wherever you currently find yourself on your healing path.

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These sessions provide focused guidance and actionable steps addressing few key challenges at a time to help you reach your health goals.

#1 Connect: Schedule an Introduction Call with Nev to ensure compatibility.

#2 Consult: Set up your Initial Health Consultation.

#3 Check-In: After your Initial Consultation, schedule Progress Calls as needed.

Client Wins Worth Celebrating


I wasn't always this healthy, lively woman you see today.

Most of my life I struggled with different health issues, but things hit a breaking point on the day of my 30th birthday. It was then when I discovered Medical Medium®. 

The moment I started reading one of his books, I knew I finally had the answers I'd been searching for so long. From that point on, I took my health into my own hands and it has proven to be the most rewarding investment I've ever made.

Today, I take pride of witnessing remarkable healing journeys unfold among women who have learned and applied the Medical Medium® information through my one-on-one coaching.

Are you just starting your healing journey?

Do you have symptoms that won't go away?

In this FREE Healing Guide I guide you through the steps to help you start your healing with changes you can make today.

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