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It's time to recover your health.

Since 2021, I've been supporting women in achieving their health goals.

Together, we've witnessed incredible results - regaining energy, overcoming obstacles, conquering chronic health issues... And I'm here to tell you: You can do this too.

Whether you're starting your healing journey or have been on this path for some time, I'm going to help you get there.

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Learn how to strategically navigate your health journey in 12 weeks.

Gain confidence and find clarity in your healing journey with Nev's extensive support and dedicated guidance in this immersive one-on-one healing experience. 

HMM is all about you, meaning you’ll always know exactly what to do, what’s working and the steps you need to take - offering you the what, how and why to reach your health goals quicker.

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These sessions provide focused guidance and actionable steps addressing few key challenges to help you reach your health goals.

#1 Connect: Schedule an Introduction Call with Nev to ensure compatibility.

#2 Consult: Set up your Initial Health Consultation.

#3 Check-In: After your Initial Consultation, schedule Progress Calls as needed.


  • Do I need to be in the kitchen all day long or spend hours a day focusing on nutrition in order to follow the Medical Medium protocols?

Not at all! I always say the goal is to be organized, prepared and to simplify the process. Together, we create a realistic plan that fits into your lifestyle, considering your preferences, schedule, and individual needs. As you progress, you'll find that maintaining a nutritious and balanced diet becomes a natural part of your routine.

  • How can I work with you?

You have the flexibility to choose between individual one-on-one sessions or my 12-week program - Health Makeover Mastery (HMM). The choice depends on your preferences and the level of guidance and support you seek in your healing journey.

  • How does HMM differ from individual sessions?

Healing has different layers and phases. There are questions and concerns that come up between sessions and from my experience most cannot be adequately addressed without a discussion. I created HMM for those who need more guidance and support for a period of time. 


In HMM you’ll get my ongoing support throughout the entire 12 weeks. I'll be with you every step of the way, providing the guidance you need precisely when you need it without having to wait for the next scheduled session.

This means you’ll always know exactly what to do, what’s working and the steps you need to take - you’ll have a chance to ask me all your questions. 

  • Is the HMM program suitable for beginners or those with specific health conditions?

There’s no exclusivity. The program is custom built to meet you exactly where you’re at. Whether you are brand new to applying Medical Medium information or if you need some extra guidance and support for your symptoms to really start shifting.

  • Do you provide email support between sessions?

While I value the importance of ongoing support, I must adhere to certain professional regulations which place limitations on the extent of assistance I can provide outside of our scheduled sessions.


For any questions that arise between sessions I recommend either scheduling a follow up session or keeping a record for our next appointment. If it's something we need to address more urgently please send me an email at

  • Do you work with clients that eat animal-based diets?

I support clients following both animal-based and plant-based diets. Getting well and reversing your symptoms is not about the type of diet you choose, but rather on adopting a nutrition approach that promotes healing.

  • Can I work with you for weight loss, I don’t have any other significant health issues?

Definitely, we can create a plan catered toward safe weight loss. Weight fluctuations and weight loss resistance are all about the liver, though the thyroid and adrenals can often be involved. 

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