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Years of learning

Where it started

In my twenties, an array of health challenges tested my resilience - from anxiety and panic attacks, to cystic acne, severe hair loss, insomnia, weight gain, allergies and hormonal imbalances...
Endless doctor visits and prescriptions were the norm, yet the focus remained on symptomatic relief rather than addressing root causes. Alternative practitioners couldn't help me either.
That's when I became interested in nutrition and different healing modalities as I was searching for answers participating in various wellness workshops, conferences and seminars.

From childhood I was plagued by different health issues - sinus infections, tonsillitis, recurrent UTIs, and more.
I realized the power of alternative medicine through my mother's knowledge and intuition that steered me away from surgery at age 7.

"When we connect to our bodies, truly listen to them,
and give them the nourishment they are yearning for, everything changes. True miracles happen."

- Anthony William, Medical Medium®

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